God Winks

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God Winks

By: Brenda L.S. Wehner


About the Book

God WINKS illustrates that if you listen carefully and watch closely, you may recognize when God is taking action in your everyday life. What is first thought to be a coincidence, once the dots are connected, may be revealed as the good Lord above talking with us, guiding us via “God winks.”

This book is a compilation of sweet, short stories that illustrate how God interacts with us. It is hoped that this book inspires others to see the everyday miracles that are happening for them when God winks. Perhaps these stories will inspire readers to walk with others, to guide them to likewise connect their dots, and see the winks at work. Or best of all, this book may prompt the reader to share with each other, with others, with nonbelievers, with all, their own personal experiences of these nudges, pushes, body tackles, yells and winks that God sends via the Holy Spirit to compel us in His desires to act, to give, to be, to share, to give, to go, to stop, to love, and to be like Jesus.


About the Author

Brenda L.S. Wehner is the proud mother of three, dedicated wife of G, and loving daughter and daughter-in-law. She is passionate about kindness, and giving to others. She volunteers countless hours of her time, giving back to her community. Ms. Wehner enjoys painting, interior decorating, flower gardening, and singing in a musical parody club, when she is not practicing law.


(2020, Hardcover, 92 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review