God Among Us

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by Maria Minerva Pimentel God Among Us offers an urgent message to a world thirsting for the word of God and spiritual counsel. Drawn from scriptural sources, this thoughtful work provides comfort and advice to families who are struggling without faith and drowning in daily struggles. Many of our young people have no sense of direction and no source of guidance to lead them toward developing productive, secure, and godly lives. The cultural issues that result have prompted Maria Minerva Pimentels response. God Among Us takes an unflinching look at societys current situation and provides answers solidly based in the wisdom of the Bible. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Maria Minerva Pimentel is a native of the Dominican Republic and now resides in Rhode Island with her husband, Felix A. Castillo. Having attended school only through the fifth grade as a child, she later completed four years of biblical and two years of ministerial studies as well as extensive training in working with children with mild mental handicaps. She is now self-employed as a day care provider and composer as well as a writer. This is Ms. Pimentels third published book; she is also the author of Oh, Senor del Viento and El Camino de la Vida: Palabra Sagrada. (2004, paperback, 120 pages) Availability: Usually ships in 2-3 business days.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review