God Almighty Jesus Christ created the Heavens and the earth

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God Almighty Jesus Christ created the Heavens and the earth

Only the Holy Bible from God Jesus the Maker of the Heavens and the earth is the truth verbatim in its totality. Amen.

By David Serrano


This good, true book is about JEHOVAH JESUS the Maker of the Heavens and the Earth, and events that occurred in antiquity, just like the Holy Bible says. Its about Divine Love, successful living and rejoicing. Its about living according to good Christian values to the best of our abilities. It has the ancient, Babylonian Chronicle about how in year 37 of King Nebuchadnezzar, the Babylonians and their king conquered Egypt in the year 567 B.C.


(2021, paperback, 72 pages)


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    Purchase this book. Buy two.

    Posted by The Brilliant Angel of Truth. on Jan 19th 2022

    The book is very good, unique and fascinating. Awesome, good, right chronological order is given with dates, showing how certain events happened in the Old Testament. In the 1790s, the British Christian Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine for smallpox scientifically, knowing farmers and milk-maidens who had cowpox became immune to smallpox. I say this because the book also rightly mentions Christians created most modern medical science. In the 19th Century, the Christian Louis Pasteur created Germ Theory, made modern pasteurization and produced some vaccines. The curative capabilities of the Lord Jesus Christ also provided much inspiration to both Pasteur and doctor Jenner. Just like it says in Galatians, God said Christians live uncircumcised. We understand it totally. The intelligent, faithful, Episcopalian Christian American President Franklin Delano Roosevelt created the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis which intentionally worked to help produce the first vaccine for polio in the 1950s by a doctor who was a Jew, brought up by proud Jewish parents, Jonas Salk, a grantee of that same original NFIP made by FDR. Many Christians contributed greatly to the purpose of producing the polio vaccines. Personally, I received the covid-19 vaccine in 2021. These are events that have happened. Valiant Episcopalian Christian President Roosevelt protected the USA during WW2. He died on the eve of victory. Franklin Delano Roosevelts Christian soul and spirit lives with God the Father in Heaven. Christian President Harry Truman continued forward to the final victory in WW2. We appreciate the heroic citizens of the USA who protected the USA during WW2. The Episcopalian Christian George H. W. Bush served in the USAs military in WW2. In his much earlier youth, the beloved mother of G. H. W. Bush, the Christian Dorothy Walker Bush, would pray to God the Father the Creator of the universe with her family, happily reading Christian prayers together with her family. The forever Christian soul and spirit of George Herbert Walker Bush lives with Lord God Jesus Christ in the Kingdom of the Most High. Hallelujah! Like it says in Galatians, it is good to live not circumcised. So lets enjoy life. Buy this book. Add it to your collection. God the Father gives us true freedom, with responsibilities and with diligent, appreciative, good work ethics, by the divine love of New Testament Christianity. Amen.