Glorious Liberty

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Glorious Liberty
Mary Anna Timberlake

Are you sad because of one failure after another? Are you grieving because of a loss? Is fear gripping you because of an uncertain future? Then you need something that will renew your spirit to put yourself back together again.

Glorious Liberty is a collection of inspirational poems that soothes the wounded souls of Christian believers. It encourages everyone to endure the trials we encounter every day. It helps to reassure that the love of God is eternal and those who suffer in the world today and have remained faithful will be rewarded with endless bliss by blessings both on the earth and the heavens above.

About the Author

Mary Anna Timberlake is a woman who has been through a lot of struggles in the past, which have made her stronger, along with her faith in God. Inspired by her devotion to the Lord, she wrote this book, which she dedicates to her family and friends.

(2012, paperback, 182 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review