Girls' Nights: 12 Themed in Home Parties Unique & Simple for...Any Budget, Any Style, Any Age

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by Stacey E. Sorensen Who doesnt enjoy a night out with friends? As special as that time together can be, sometimes you want your gathering to have a little more spice. Pulling together a themed party can seem intimidating with our hectic daily schedules but it doesnt have to be! Stacey makes it so easy for you with Girls Nights: 12 Themed in Home Parties, Unique & Simple forAny Budget, Any Style, Any Age. This no-brainer entertainer party manual is loaded with helpful hints, checklists, simple guidelines, new creative concepts, and more everything you need to put together an easy, fun, interactive, memorable get-together for friends. From shopping lists and menu suggestions to a planning timeline, as well as guest list tracking, unique favor ideas, and reminders, Sorensen pays attention to every detail up front to make sure you the host- have fun, too. If youd like to let your girlfriends know how special they are to you, Girls Nights will help you help them get away from it all, if only for one evening, with these twelve great themed party plans. (2007, spiral, 174 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review