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Gerald's Problem

By: Eric N. Airhienbuwa


About the Book

In Yellowstone National Park, there lives a red fox named Gerald. Gerald was always a bit of a loner until he met Ink, a wolf from the Night Walkers. But after her brutal murder at the paws of a rival wolf pack, Gerald sets out on an adventure throughout the wild territory of Yellowstone to seek revenge on her killer. By making new friends and alliances along the way, Gerald finds strength within himself, his friends, and the courage to keep fighting.

But as Gerald’s trials are conquered with the aid of a magical berry, his most difficult challenge comes from an unsuspecting source.

Gerald’s Problem is a uniquely told story of revenge, the bonds we make, and the power of addiction.

About the Author

Eric N. Airhienbuwa lives in Guilderland, New York, with his mother, father, and two elder sisters. He is currently a sophomore at Guilderland High School. Airhienbuwa has been a regular volunteer at the Butterfly House since seventh grade. In his spare time, he enjoys bird watching, animal research, writing, reading, drawing, and building Legos.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review