G. I. Jack Back in Action … and out of the box

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G.I. Jack Back in Actionand out of the box
by Jo Whitmire

From a dusty old box in the attic emerges hero G. I. Jack. With his gear and helicopter, Jack is back and ready for action!

With his old pal, Scuba Sammy, the two remember their days of glory: karate-chopping snakes, exploring the moon, and fighting octopuses.

But Jack and Sammy are ready for new adventures! Join them as they fight bird strikes, ride dogs, and hang out in the dollhouse pool. Theres always adventure and always action when youre G. I. Jack!

With bright illustrations that reward careful study, G. I. Jack Back in Action and out of the box reveals all the fun toys have when were not watching.

About the Author:

Jo Whitmire wrote this book at the request of her two daughters. The three of them loved to play together. Whitmires stories about G. I. Jack and his adventures always made them laugh. Whitmire included details of their fun in this story from the antics of the dog to using toy dynamite as a candle.

(2016, Paperback, 62 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review