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From the Beginning: A Cautionary Tale of an Everyday Family

By:  Wayne E. Held


From the Beginning is based on actual events of Wayne E. Held growing up in a family that faced abusive and financial hardships. It’s a story of Nathan Anderson growing up in a family that expressed all the human emotions, including the seven deadly sins. They experienced love of family, matched with the financial and social struggles of raising one. There were rewards, disciplines, and abuses that weaved into the family fabric of those struggles. 


About the Author

Wayne E. Held was born in Plymouth, Mass., in 1950, living his formative years in South Boston. His family moved to New Hampshire in 1962, where he graduated from Kingswood Regional High School, Wolfeboro, NH, in 1968. He always had an avid interest in literature and cultural arts. He attended and graduated Paier School of Art in Hamden, CT, with an Advertising diploma in 1972.

With the Vietnam War still in progress, Wayne enlisted in the U.S. Navy, specializing in Administration. Upon retiring in 1994, Wayne continued his education receiving an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration from the Hudson Valley Community College, Troy, NY in 1995.  He returned to New Hampshire, settling in the Emerald Lake Village District (ELVD) within the township of Hillsborough. He worked for many years with the McLane Northeast Concord Food Distribution in Contoocook, NH, doing inventory until permanently retiring in the summer of 2013.

Wayne has been an active participant of the political affairs within his community. He currently enjoys the comforts of his ELVD home with his golden retriever, Ginger, and housecat, Saffy, while enjoying the morning sunrises on his deck with a hot cup of inspiration. His hobbies consist of reading, painting, landscaping, and hiking.  


(2021, hardback, 296 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review