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From Fling to Ring

By: Jon Steele, J. D.

About the Book

It is no secret that dating isn’t easy—for men and women. Author and bachelor Jon Steele, J. D. offers a new, unique approach—he aims to help women take the first step and take action on the playing field.

From Fling to Ring, an analytical, informative, and funny approach to dating, presents a fresh perspective and divulges secrets of the single man, including what approaches work with him as a 20-, 30-, and 40-year-old.


About the Author

Jon Steele, J. D. is a high-profile attorney, a bachelor prominent in the singles world who brings a strong legal, analytical approach to this subject—attempting to zero in quickly, concisely, and honestly on the crux of the subject. He interviewed a wide variety of single men from the Midwest; East and West coasts; and South Beach, Florida (where he currently resides). He has been published in legal journals and periodicals.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review