Fractal Fairy Tales

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Fractal Fairy Tales

Formulas for entering the Golden Age

By: Cathy Slaght

About the Book

Science now demonstrates that what is perceived as “reality” is actually a series of energy fields working together. We are intended to be the directors of these fields. However, somehow we have forgotten we have this innate ability.

In Fractal Fairy Tales author Cathy D. Slaght provides a blueprint for remembering.

And, it is time.


About the Author

Cathy D. Slaght is the founder of Life Celebration Ministries, LLC, which is dedicated to sharing core principles of reality creation. As she explains, “We function as two way antennas, designed to receive information from a living universal energy field. This is the field from which all matter is created. We are designed to access it in order to create the life we desire. Unaware, many have blocked necessary information.” Life Celebration Ministries seeks to help those interested in unblocking. Insights—both group and individual—are offered daily, email

Slaght has a B.S. in education, numerous energetic certifications, and is working towards her doctorate in energetic medicine. She believes the learning will never end, though, that our true reality is that fascinating


(2019, Paperback, 684 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review