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Forever and Ever

By: Ethan Porter

About the Book

What happens when the spirit of life is taken away too soon? This is something that twelve-year old Everett knows all too well. Time brings him closer to his best friend, Katie, a confident girl who has a zest for everything in her life. However, when Katie becomes gravely ill, Everett wants to provide her everything she desires from life, including marriage. But how is that possible?


Inspired by real childhood friends, Forever and Ever is a story about determination and faith in the darkest of times, and will leave its reader with the satisfaction that unconditional love overcomes all.

About the Author

Ethan Porter lives in Tennessee with his wife of twenty years, Loring, and their two teenage sons, Owen and Brady. He is a fifth grade public school teacher, and his students serve as his inspiration. Helping to guide these children in their growth has been very rewarding. His personal role model is Charlie Brown, as Ethan is the eternal optimist, who dedicates himself to relationships.


(2017, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review