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By: Cynthia D. Brandel

About the Book

Lyla may look like any other teenager that lives on Terra, but she has a secret; she is a Produrai princess. Ten years ago the Produrai escaped the clutches of the never ending war of Sanctoria, their home world, to begin life anew on Terra.  While everyone around Lyla is sticking to the old ways, Lyla is eager to break free of tradition and forge her own path.

Lyla struggles with a forbidden love for an enemy, the possessiveness of her intended husband, and the fear of being captured by a prince who wants to use her for his revenge. The war between the three races of Sanctorians spills over into Terra threatening the survival of everyone.

Filled with magic and shifting alliances, Forbidden: Book One of the Sanctorian Series contains romance, revenge, and tragedy that spans across two worlds.


About the Author

Cynthia S. Brandel was born in Greenville, South Carolina. She has worked as an administrative professional over the past decade. Cynthia enjoys reading, gardening, and working on her modest homestead alongside her two sons and husband. Her interest in reading young adult and romance novels has inspired her to write the Sanctorian series. She hopes readers have as much fun with the characters and story as she did writing them.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review