For the Love of Pumpkins: A Cookbook

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For the Love of Pumpkins: A Cookbook
by Marilyn Alice Tuckman

For the Love of Pumpkins (a cookbook) consists of 100 irresistible pumpkin recipes (many original or adapted) using either fresh pumpkin, canned pumpkin, or hulled pumpkin seedspepitas. Each recipe in this lovely cookbook is accompanied by an original photograph.

The recipes cover a variety of soups, savory side dishes, light entrees, and snacks as well as pies, cookies, desserts, cakes, cupcakes, muffins, and loaves. Adding to the wide range of offerings is a finale category called Odds & Ends, which includes recipes that suggest an extra thing or two to do with a bit of left over pumpkin puree, a spare baking pumpkin, or seeds. The book also provides useful information such as what to look for when buying pumpkins; how to seed and peel fresh pumpkin; pumpkin yields; how to make homemade pumpkin puree; how to roast, bake, microwave, boil, steam, and grill fresh pumpkin; how to both roast and toast pumpkin seeds; and more.

Whether a pumpkin lover already, a creative cook, or simply curious and in need of new recipes that are sure to delight, the reader will be fascinated with all of the uses for pumpkin that are warmly shared in this book. Everyone will be sure to find a use for a spare pumpkin for any culinary occasion.

About the Author

Since she was a girl in a suburban 4-H club, Marilyn Alice Tuckman has collected recipesmany of which are pumpkin recipes. She feels that nature is truly mystical and that pumpkins, especially, have a vitality that sparks imagination.

By combining her food-tasting sensory work of over twenty years with her love of pumpkins, and using the morning sunshine that streams into her kitchen to photograph the pumpkin in so many expressive ways, she has experienced the pleasure of joyfully constructing this book. She hopes that the vitality and beauty of pumpkins nourish and inspire all who encounter For the Love of Pumpkins (a cookbook).

Tuckman is a sensory food taster for a large international company and a former quality control and laboratory technician for a major bakery and a condiment manufacturer. She lives with her husband, Jeff, in Elk Grove, Ill. They share their home with a black-and-white cat named Stach.

(2014, Hardcover, 242 pages)</i<


(No reviews yet) Write a Review