Footprints in Time: Memoirs of Previous Lifetimes - eBook

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Footprints in Time: Memoirs of Previous Lifetimes - eBook

Footprints in Time: Memoirs of Previous Lifetimes

By: Diana Elmore

About the Book

Have you ever wondered where the past years are? Enter the fascinating worlds of author, Diana Elmore, where life, death, romance, adventure and fascinating characters of the ancient world come alive as though it were yesterday. Vibrant and alluring, these stories will touch your heart as they take you to places that no longer exist, but can only be found in memories.

It seemed to be a place dear to the earth. Kato said it was the home of sacred spirits who dwelled there, and I could feel them watching us as we passed through, hardly daring to speak or even to breathe in their lofty presence.
                – Rising Sun

I had learned that the rich and powerful want what they want, when they want it. Now that I had my order to mingle, I paraded myself like a peacock. It was not an unpleasant task to show off my beauty with ways I knew so well.
                –  The Romans

I glanced through the trees trying to catch sight of the house. What if it were no longer standing – burned to the ground in some long-ago tragedy?
                –  Homecoming

Who can flaunt Youth more innocently, irresponsibly and extravagantly than the young? The wisdom of the sage fades by comparison, and old bodies are best covered up.
                –  The Art of Sacred Cleaning

Little did I know that I would soon be carried away on the journey of a life time.
                – The Scribe

If so many men adored me, who was I not to adore them?
                –  The Story of Lily

(2021, paperback, 366 pages)