Fools Should Never Marry! - eBook

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Fools Should Never Marry! 

By: Lil Miss


About the Book

A collection of short stories and lessons on marriage, Fools Should Never Marry! shows glimpses of life in a one-sided marriage, and the emotional turmoil a wife can face when her most trusted support is lacking in love and devotion. With each story a question is posed, “Who is the fool? Him, Her, or Both?” By opening up the conversation, readers can take an introspective look into one marriage and evaluate any issues within their own. By pinpointing the fool in each scenario, you too can reflect on your own relationships and determine if there are any significant issues that need addressed and make the right decisions for your own wellbeing.

About the Book

Lil Miss has written several books but has now published two with the release of Fools Should Never Marry! She hopes her writings will be helpful to others in similar situations as her own. She is now focused on caring for herself and, as she says, “I can do good by myself.”


(2023, ebook, 30 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review