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Flower Dog Man

By: Kirk Abner

About the Book

Kirk Abner’s life was normal. Aspirational, even. His childhood was enjoyable. His parents were loving and successful. He attended private school, and by the time he finished college, some of his work was recognized by President Ronald Reagan.

But what looked like happiness on paper couldn’t be further from the truth. By the time Kirk turned forty-one-years old, he was overwhelmed. Life was not what he hoped it would be. Disappointments led to frustration which fueled anger. After months and years of the same, it turned to depression. Finally, he had become suicidal.


                While Kirk courageously persevered from a state of despair to overcome his suicidal disposition, his experience begs the question: How does a person with a strong and healthy upbringing reach such a drastic conclusion - to commit suicide?


                Kirk confronts this critical question in Flower Dog Man - and offers compelling answers that can strengthen any person’s resolve to live, and live meaningfully.


“A welcome antidote to the anxiety-inducing tensions of the everyday world… a lifetime of precisely distilled experiences expertly concentrated.” - Kirkus Reviews



(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review