Fishing with Mom

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by Deborah Jean Lane Fishing is an activity that requires determination, ability, andas one little boy soon learnsabove all, patience! After all, its rather discouraging to pull in a piece of garbage on your line rather than that big fish youve been dreaming about. Early one morning a young boy and his mom pack their fishing gear and a picnic lunch and set off for a day of fishing at the old pond, just the two of them. They are after the whopper of a catfish his grandfather has told them about but nobody has ever caught. They bait their hooks and cast their linesand then wait. However the little boy doesnt want to wait very long and quickly pulls his line back up, only to find hes reeled in an old, rotted, stinky shoe! Now what are they going to do? With charming illustrations, age-appropriate language, and a captivating story, Deborah Jean Lane puts a new spin on the old adage, If at first you dont succeed, try, try again. About the Author: Along with her husband, Stanley, Deborah Jean Lane is raising her younger son, Adam, on their Angus livestock farm in Missouri, so she is quite familiar with the impatient natures of young boys! Adams older brother, Anthony, was born and raised in San Diego and still calls that California city home. (2003, paperback, 38 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review