Finding Justice

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Finding Justice

By: Elizabeth Reneé


About the Book

It’s a glorious sunny day when Sarah gets off duty from a shift in her adventurous and dangerous work of being a cop. She’s looking forward to spending time with her husband and fellow cop, Ryan. But then she hears through the radio dispatch that shots are fired. Sarah finds herself crouching over Ryan’s dead body. She begins an insatiable quest, aided by her faithful partner Ives, to track down and kill the culprit. She soon learns that Ryan is not the only victim and other lives have been affected by the murderer’s treachery. She finds her list of allies dwindling as she seeks the murderer’s life. But the culprit is out for blood too: hers.


About the Author


Elizabeth Reneé is married with three wonderful girls. Living in Utah, she is lucky to live so close to the mountains to spend time camping, horseback riding and four wheeling. As much as she loves the mountains, she will never turn down an opportunity to go to the ocean and beach. She loves to travel; experience new cultures; and introduce her family to new places. She has been in law enforcement for quite some time and loves the experience it offers her for her books. This book started as a poignant dream she experienced. Elizabeth would love readers to feel the sadness and anger the main character goes through on her journey. She hopes that readers will follow this character through the next books to see how justice gets served.


(2020, Paperback, 196 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review