Final Margaret: Or the Mistakes She Made

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Final Margaret or The Mistakes She Made
by Raymond Howard

Albert Duffel, middle-aged, going blind, finds himself at a crossroads when he meets Margaret, a nun searching for her mission in life. Believing Albert to be that saving gracefor who better to help than a poor blind man?she takes him on pilgrimages to see the paintings at the art gallery, the dinosaur skeletons at the museum. She even gets them both lost in the park, a feat Albert could have easily accomplished himself. Yet he still finds himself fascinated with her, struggling between the duty to his wife and children and the tugging, romantic urges from misguided Margaret.

An unusual story, full of wit and wry humor, Final Margaret is a satirical look at the world of the blind.

About the Author

Raymond Howard has a B.A. in Journalism, an M.S. in Russian Language, and an M.S. in Rehabilitation Teaching. Married to Sally Howard, he has worked as a journalist, rehabilitation counselor, and teacher of Russian Language. Blind himself, Raymonds unique life experiences have prompted him to write this novel.

(2011, paperback, 218 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review