Feet of Clay

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Feet of Clay
by JJ Webb The novel Feet of Clay belongs to four brothers and their wives, lovers, sisters, friends, and mistresses: Benthe handsome politicianalready in his thirties, yet unmarried...
Waltthe rugged young widowerbitter and determined to never be taken advantage of again...
Calthe honest, goodhearted brother who only wants the best for everyone...
Danielthe good-looking, just lawyer who will not compromise his beliefs for anything or anyone...
Demariustheir sisterunlucky in love and married to a rake who abuses her... Set in Richmond and Mobile during the 1880s, Feet of Clay is a family saga, a historical romance, a murder mystery, a courtroom drama, and a study of human behavior. There are no perfect heroes here, only men with feet of clay. They have been wronged; they have done wrong, but they are all honorable men with all too human flaws. ABOUT THE AUTHOR JJ Webb lives in Alabama and writes lovingly of her states charming geography in her book Feet of Clay. She is a retired teacher and school administrator who drew upon her lifelong love of history to write her novel. She is a member of the Wetumpka Fine Arts Club and the Episcopal Church, and her interests include reading, writing, and following sportsespecially football and basketball. She has four children: Rick, Letha, Jean, and Pellar. (2008, paperback, 294 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review