Fate Intervenes

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Fate Intervenes
by Sue Storey

Dalia was no stranger to a life of disappointed dreams. Her beloved father never recovered from her mother's death. Because of his death, he left Dalia vulnerable to the worst of society at a young age.

Poverty was new to her. Armed with skills that would have helped her father, had he thought his quiet and observing daughter could possess them, she was able to leave her old life debt-free with a clear conscience.

Now, as a lady's companion, she takes on a household and her employer's privileged son. If she must start over, she has to gather her courage and double her determination to face this uncertain future.

Dalia has proof that a lasting true love exists. Her devoted parents showed her that one is never to settle for less than what one deserves.

The question yet to be answered is, Does a man exist that is deserving of a woman like her?

About the Author:

Sue Storey grew up poor, but never felt deprived. Reading was her saving grace and she was blessed with a profound imagination. Her love of reading and interaction with encouraging teachers throughout her education helped Storey to grow and practice as a writer.

For forty years, teaching kindergarten was her passion. Now retired, Storey has focused more on enjoying writing. She has been married since 1971 and has two grown children and two grandsons.

Storey believes adversity is a challenge, but good things can come of it. You must possess perseverance and the faith that good things are what you deserve. Patience is a virtue, but prayer will see you through.

(2016, Paperback, 48 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review