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Family Secrets

By: Nancy-Lee Noell


About the Book

Family Secrets tells the story of a young boy, Sam, who is struggling to grow up on his family's ranch despite his mother's efforts to protect him from "the family secret." With the help of his big brother and doting grandfather, Sam learns to overcome his physical handicaps and confront his mother's fears and overprotectiveness. This heartfelt "growing up" story will inspire children to love their imperfect selves and appreciate the imperfect love of their parents.

About the Author

The beauty and vast wilderness areas of Northeast Oregon drew Nancy-Lee Noell and her husband away from the frantic Bay Area of California where they grew-up. They raised four daughters in a rural setting of ranches and small towns. With children grown and gone, and grandchildren visiting, Nancy enjoys her horses, barn cats and the quiet solitude of country living that allows her to indulge her first love: writing. Bringing so many of the stories she conjured for her own children and grandchildren to the shelves for others to enjoy, she is excited to debut her first middle grade novel based loosely on the trials of one beloved grandchild.

(2022, eBook, 102 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review