Expressions of Feelings and Emotions

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by Charles W. Thompson Do you take time out of your busy day to stop and marvel at Gods creation? Do you watch the sunset and tell your loved ones how you feel on a regular basis? Through the simple and thought-provoking poetry of Expressions of Feelings and Emotions, Charles W. Thompson attempts to capture the greatness of the world and condense it into words that will bring happiness to all. He inspires us to recognize and feel the joy that surrounds us every day, through the grace and gifts given to us by God. At the same time, he encourages us to reflect on the actions and paths we have taken in life, and he reminds us that each day provides the opportunity to make our lives better, by changing our actions and reaching out to others. If youre looking to lift your spirits by tuning into the greatness of the world around you, discover the poetry of Expressions of Feelings and Emotions by Charles W. Thompson. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Charles W. Thompson, a native of Rawlings, Virginia, holds a political science degree from the State University of New York, SUNY. Now living in Hempstead, New York, he is a retired superintendent of the New York City Transit Authority. Thompson and his wife, Janester Campbell Thompson, have three children: Clyde, Karen, and Kelvin. In his community, he is a member of the Union Baptist Church Prince Hall Masons and the Park Lake Area Club. In addition to writing poems, Thomson also enjoys gardening and traveling. (2007, paperback, 62 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review