Ever Windful

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Ever Windful
by Marsha Lynn VonderBrink

A lone old cottage leaned crookedly up a hill near a beach. Its closest neighbor was a market owned by a one-legged man. A lonely widow, whose husband and child died in a car crash, hides her pain behind the red door of the small house, living her years as if she would wither like the worn, dusty cottage she inherited from her grandfather. In a most bizarre way, autumnthe season she hated mostbrought a stranger who would forever change her life and the way she looks at the cottage, a place shrouded by mystery. Jack, the man who came to her door one day, turned out to be a secret agent sent on a mission to find the missing medical laboratory constructed in the 1940s, which to the widows surprise, was located under the cottage. She, Jack, their dog, Lucky, and other undercover agents were thrown into an investigation that will unravel the secrets hidden within the tunnels of the medical laboratory that was built before its time.

About the Author

Marsha Lynn VonderBrink is married with four children and has been a resident of Maysville, Kentucky for the past twenty years. This book was inspired by a Christmas gift.

(2013, paperback, 160 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review