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Escape Into Revenge

By: Cynthia Hoosier

About the Book

You loved her fun debut, Momma Knew, now Cynthia Hoosier delves into the dark side of a teen that has been bullied in her new thriller Escape into Revenge! This riveting story will keep you on edge when forced to witness this story as it unravels. If you could right the wrongs of the past with a dose of treachery, would you? Escape into Revenge weaves the tale of a young man’s distorted quest for revenge. His thirst to repay all that showed no mercy is twisted with an unexpected alliance. Will he forge ahead with his vendetta or will he add another to his list to repay?


About the Author


Cynthia Hoosier has always enjoyed writing, even as a young girl. Poetry was her first love, but later in life she grew into other avenues of expression. Her stories have become an extension of herself and she hopes they will feed others in pursuit of love, excitement, and possibly allow them, even for just a moment, to drift away to another place.


(2019, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review