Epic Child

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Epic Child

By: Nata’liya


About the Book

Nata’liya’s words are sure to brighten everyone’s day with the powerful and affirming positive thinking. With her own recent practice of affirmations and spiritual learning, she was inspired to share her positivity with others.


About the Author

Nata’liya was born and raised in a large city in Ukraine. She hopes that her positivity impacts the world and creates a more positive and free world for the future children and adults of the world.


(2020, Hardcover, 44 Pages)


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Nataliya Nelsen is a truly inspirational author for all ages. EPIC CHILD is a must read for families to learn and enjoy. Nataliya's from the heart writing is morally motivating. Talented and creative writing. Perhaps a second book I hope.  EPIC CHILD makes a perfect life value lesson. A thought provoking fun read. Enjoy !


(No reviews yet) Write a Review