Encounters in Moca

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Encounters in Moca

by Christian Towers


About the Book

            Encounters in Moca is the true story of a series of animal killings in the municipality of Moca, Puerto Rico, when farmers begin to wake up and find that their animals are completely drained of blood, with no explanation other than a characteristic, triangular puncture wound. Chronicled by a local veterinarian, Encounters reveals how truly little we know about nature, how little we know about what goes on in our world, and how much actually goes on clandestinely. However inexplicable, these stories must be approached with an open mind and an acceptance that we, as the human race, do not hold all of the answers to the infinite questions posed by our existence.


About the Author 

            By day, Christian Towers spends his time working as a caricature/portrait artist in the tourist district of Orlando, Florida. His other hobbies include reading extensively (which acts as fuel for his writing), and playing the piano.


(2021, paperback, 122 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review