Embarking on An Intimate Journey with the Holy Spirit to Satisfy Your Hunger for More of God and to Discover the Knowledge of the Power of Prayer

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Embarking on An Intimate Journey with the Holy Spirit to Satisfy Your Hunger for More of God and to Discover the Knowledge of the Power of Prayer
by Pastor Frankie Dean-Deliu

Pastor Frankie Dean-Deliu learned from the Holy Spirit how to build up her faith and activate this awesome power of prayer by embarking on an intimate journey with the Holy Spirit to the throne of grace. So after her faith began to grow, so did her prayer life. The more it grew, the more anointed it became. She also received from the Holy Spirit the gift of faith and a tenacious and unwavering belief in the power of prayer.

For many years, she has operated in the ministry of an intercessor and welcomed every opportunity to seek the face of God on behalf of those who see situations that need supernatural intervention or for situations that can be turned around only by the supernatural power of Almighty God through the ministry of intercession and by speaking faith-filled words that release the POWER in prayer. This journal is intended for those who might be bound by a spirit of religious tradition and have not found the courage or the freedom in prayer that their heart longs for. Pastor Frankies aim and the prayer of her heart is that after reading this journal/workbook, you will gain a newfound freedom in prayer, find the courage to speak to your Heavenly Father from the heart, and seek a one-on-one relationship with the Holy Spirit, so that your prayer life will ascend to the next awesome level.

About the Author

Pastor Frankie is a native South Carolinian who has resided in Western Europe for the past forty years, where she grounded and pastored two churches. She is also founder and director of "The Fire of the Holy Spirit" and Women Connection Ministries Int'l." She is a gifted and anointed singer, songwriter, and worship leader who has written more than thirty worship songs and has sang on concert stages all over the world.

Pastor Frankie believes with her whole heart and soul in the power of prayer. She is an intercessor and has grounded the Women Connection intercessory prayer warriors. She is a playwright, conference speaker, seminar presenter, bible teacher, and has a heart of love and deep compassion for hurting and abused women from all walks of life. She carries the message of the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ to hurting women all over the world, especially those in homeless shelters and safe houses. Pastor Frankie is an Apostle of Jesus Christ, sent forth for such a time as this.

(2011, paperback, 106 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review