Elohei Yishi

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Elohei Yishi   

(The God of My Salvation) His Plan of Salvation for His Beloved Jewish People            

By: LaVonae V. Floyd

About the Book

Elohei Yishi (The God of My Salvation) His Plan of Salvation for His Beloved Jewish People details God’s desire from the beginning to have a people to whom He could reveal Himself and establish His plan of salvation. He started by making a covenant with Abram to establish a holy people through Abram and bless his descendants above all people on earth. Though focused on Jewish scriptures, this collection will appeal to everyone.


About the Author

LaVonae V. Floyd became a true believer in 1983 when she was prompted by God to read the New Testament. As she read, her life was completely changed as God’s Word brought light. The Word changed the way she talked, the way she dressed, what she watched on television or listened to on the radio, and even who she associated with. She found a Bible-teaching, spirit-filled church conducting altar calls to receive Christ as Lord and she responded to the altar call. Her life has never been the same.

Floyd’s husband prompted her to write Christian books as she was so full of the Word and should share it with others. While in prayer the Lord prompted her to write this book.


(2019, Paperback, 332 pages)

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