Eliza Jane

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Eliza Jane
by Joyce Ann

Sixteen year old Eliza Jane meets and falls for Nathan Pogsworth III who comes to Cornelius Falls to expand the family printing business and subsequently falls for Eliza as well. Her father, who is the money lender for Nathan, does not approve of this affection as Nathan is ten years her senior.

Eliza and Nathan agree to see each other secretly and when an old flame of Nathans shows up in town, Eliza learns the Pogsworths deep dark family secret, a secret that could destroy his family... and hers.

Eliza finds herself in the midst of blackmail, conspiracy and murder. She finally confides in her father all she knows, but fears she may be too late.

About the Author

Joyce Conley was born in Chicago, Illinois. She holds a BA degree in Psychology. She has written short stories and is also a songwriter. She got her inspiration for Eliza Jane through her love for the Victorian Era.

(2011, paperback, 74 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review