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by Anahit Khach


The emotions of the terrorist attacks still resonate today with many Americans. The tragic events of 9/11 live on forever and some who were there have never emotionally recovered from it.

                  Those moments are the basis of the book Eleven, an intriguing tale of romance, greed, sex, terror, and kidnapping.

                  Eleven is the story of a successful business executive and her crooked boss who got caught up in the dangers of his endeavors, an aspiring figure skater, terrorists on American soil, and other intriguing characters based around the 9/11 attack and its aftermath.

                  The fictional account provides a dramatic portrayal of what it might have been like when the planes hit the twin towers, the last moments of the office workers in the buildings, the fairy tale survival of a key character and how it affected her life and the lives of those around her for years after the incident.


(2022, ebook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review