Educated Ranting: B.A.C. Precious Speeches -eBook

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Educated Ranting: B.A.C. Precious Speeches  -eBook

Educated Ranting: B.A.C. Precious Speeches

By: Brad Alan Clark

About the Book

Educated Ranting: B.A.C. Precious Speeches is a book that spans many different genres – education, self-improvement, current events, and more, all presented with relevant and personal short stories from author Brad Alan Clark’s life. The overall theme of this work is to challenge readers to learn about every subject in his or her life. Living life and all the situations, events, and encounters prompted Mr. Clark to write the book. His wish is that all who read the words of this work will be able to find and live a better life.


About the Author


Brad Alan Clark is from Omaha, Nebraska. He worked as a CNA and a psychiatric tech in Omaha, as well as volunteered Federal Medical Center via the Federal Bureau of Prisons. This position was arranged with the Rochester Church of Christ.

                Mr. Clark’s hobbies include drawing and painting. Furthermore, his personal self-interests include shadow-boxing, martial arts, and self-defense training exercises in order to engage in exercise for the whole body and ministry.


(2019, eBook)