East Texas Nan's Favorite 1,000+ Quotes, Anecdotes, Timeless Wisdom and More

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East Texas Nan’s Favorite 1,000 Quotes on Inspiration, Wisdom, Humor, Texas & More

By: Susan G. Davis

About the Book

In 1995 Susan G. Davis (Nan is what Susan’s 5 year old grandson called her) 5 year old grandson Clint gave her a journal for Christmas. He suggested “why don’t you put all of those quotes you’re collecting in that old notebook in this journal” So for 20 years Davis filled her journal.

When Clint came home on leave from the Air Force and asked her about the journal, he was surprised that she had accumulated enough information to fill the entire journal! It was he who suggested she put together her collection and create this book for everyone to enjoy.

Within the pages of East Texas Nan’s Favorite 1,000 Quotes on Inspiration, Wisdom, Humor, Texas & More, Davis hopes that anyone can walk away with something that will enrich their daily lives. Whether it be a ray of optimism, an answered question, inspiration when they need to be uplifted or when they need their funny bone tickled or and animal anecdote to tug at their heart strings or some Texas tidbit.

This little book has something for everyone and can be read over and over.


About the Author

Susan G. Davis is a country girl from East Texas who has always enjoyed the cultural humor of Texas people and the well-meaning advice that comes from them.


(2019, Paperback, 184 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review