East Meets West: A Contrast in Medicine

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East Meets West: A Contrast in Medicine
by Linda Appelbaum Schneider, RN

East Meets West: A Contrast in Medicine discusses the benefits of Eastern medicine and non-traditional treatments based on Linda Appelbaum Schneiders personal experience and research.

In recent years, Eastern medicine has become more mainstream.

While others remain skeptical, Ms. Schneider asserts that it is time to meld both philosophies of medicineEastern and Westernto help us live healthier lives. She gives us examples of this through her personal accounts of patients who prolonged their lives and maintained a healthy lifestyle by utilizing the Eastern principles of healing, which not only address the physical body, but also the spiritual self and surroundings.

About the Author

Linda Appelbaum Schneider has been a registered professional nurse since 1985. Her background experience includes work in critical care nursing, pediatrics, and geriatric administration.

Linda is also the author of Holistic Program for Healthcare Facilities, A Non-Invasive Approach and winner of the 2011 New York State ADHC Innovation Award for Clinical/Medical category.

(2011, paperback, 82 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review