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By: Patricia A. Williams

About the Book

When Isabelle opens her door to find two detectives, her world is shattered. Or was it shattered much earlier, after she discovers the secrets her husband has been hiding? Secrets that include cybersex.

In E-Vengeance, nothing—and no one—is what it appears. As time goes on and more and more truths are revealed, Isabelle and the reader will be left wondering who, if anyone, can be trusted.


About the Author

E-Vengeance is Patricia Williams’ second novel. Similar to her protagonist, Williams studied and taught French. In graduate school she focused on 18th-century French lit. E-Vengeance is a modern version of the epistolary 1782 novel by Choderlos de Laclos, Les Liaisons Dangereuses (Dangerous Liaisons). Currently, Williams lives in Florida with her husband.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review