Dyani: The Sunflower Princess - eBook

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Dyani: The Sunflower Princess

By: Stephanie M. Barnes

About the Book

When Dyani has a wonderful dream about a beautiful yellow sunflower, she wakes up and runs to her mom, telling her they need to leave right away to find it! On this beautiful autumn day, will they have any luck at the town’s fall festival in finding Dyani’s dream sunflower?
            Dyani: The Sunflower Princess is a story about making memories and the bonds between a mother and a daughter. Meant to inspire and uplift single mothers, you will see that it is enough just to be there for your child, stand by their side, and love them unconditionally.

About the Author

Stephanie M. Barnes is the mother of Dyani. They reside in Long Island, New York. Barnes is an educator and has her BA in psychology as well as dual master’s degree in childhood education and special education grades one through six. She loves traveling and exploring new places with her partner Kelvin.

 (2021, eBook)                                                                         


(No reviews yet) Write a Review