Drunken Democracy

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Drunken Democracy
by Ivan Veljanoski

Veljanoskis short stories are enlightening, powerful and intrigue.

Written in first person they demonstrate an astonishing variety in experience the way we are living today in this so called modern-western society.

His criticism may be strong, but his skillful writing and philosophy are not only interesting but also educational.

In this project you find out a collection of connected thoughts of one Spiritual Beast, which you may not agree with

About the Author

Ivan Veljanoski was born in the town of Ohrid, Macedonia in 1959, where he has completed Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary education.

When he found out that in his poor country of origin cannot find an existence decided to move to Sydney, Australia in 1986.

But, also when he realized that in his new country is pretty much the same, then started driving a taxi

His first book to be published was in 1994, Pain Poetry.

(2013, paperback, 42 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review