Detective Davis and the Swamp Bandits - eBook

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Detective Davis & The Swamp Bandits

By: Peter Pen


About the Book

Working as a reporter, helping put bad guys away with his words, Pat Davis is given the opportunity of a lifetime: to be put on the force as a detective. Given his own team to work with him, Pat Davis is given his first case of solving a bank robbery in the small town of Stanton. With a very complex crime rocking a small town to its core, Pat Davis and his team of detectives must solve this thrilling mystery to bring home back to this small town.


About the Author

Peter Pen (Timothy Horne) graduated from Meadowbrook Christain school and is currently studying business administration at Liberty University online. Horne’s hobbies include writing and coin collecting.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review