Depending on God [My Testimony with a warning]: Jehovah Rappha-My Healer

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Depending on God [My Testimony with a warning]: Jehovah Rappha-My Healer

By: Yolanda Nivens-Speller [Neicie]


About the Book

Yolanda Nivens-Speller [Neicie] has gone through many trials and tribulations starting at age 26. Her experiences give a warning to anyone that has gone through chemo and radiation. She tells how God literally pulled her out of the fire and saved her life.

We can all learn from Neicie’s experiences and never give up. Everyone is going through something, and if we keep striving things will get better.

About the Author

Before COVID, and before life hit her, Yolanda Nivens-Speller [Neicie] used to ski, go fishing, camping, and canoeing. She was a real outdoorswoman. The youngest of ten children, she’s never had any formal education; however, God put her in a place to work with presidents, legal officials, and all the top brass at a major shoe corporation, which she enjoyed very much.

(2022, paperback, 42 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review