Degrees of Freedom

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by Sista Celeste Haynes The dark side of free will is revealed when Stacey Chesterton was denied a promotion at the office. Little did she realize, as she angrily went home, that a chain of events was about to alter the course of her life, and was about to take off in an instant. Don Chestertons insensitivity to his wifes inner turmoil led her to take her frustration out in cleaning a closet and it was here she uncovered letters from an old boyfriend that bring matters to a head. The Chesterton marriage has been struggling since the death of Dons beloved Aunt Eva, and Stacey just wants to feel loved again. A love triangle ensues, and Sista Celeste Haynes reaches into the background of husband and wife to capture how they arrived at where they stand today. The author explores the spiritual details and nuances of their relationship to portray how a once-happy marriage reached this perilous condition. Readers will go behind the scenes on a poignant journey to see a troubled relationship, and behind the doors of the Christian ministry the Chestertons belong to. Haynes shows how the Lord Jesus Christ guides them along, presenting them with choices and how Don and Stacey use their degree of freedom that will save or sink their marriage. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Celeste Haynes (Sista Celeste) is a Christian writer and a happily married working mom of three children. She has written under Sista Celeste Haynes for two different Christian newsletters, one in Illinois and the other in Indiana for over three years. She has 44 works that have been published, all established in contemporary Christian issues, both non-fiction and fiction. Sista Celeste was spiritually inspired to enlighten fellow Christians about spiritual growth and the gritty reality of the process. (2006, paperback, 212 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review