Debra: Daughter of Cellus (Princess of Persia)

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Debra: Daughter of Cellus (Princess of Persia)

By: William Chevalier

About the Book

It’s a battle between the ages as our nation’s military travels back in time to engage the

armies of the King of Persia.

            As the King’s army marches toward Babylon, America’s modern-day military will be

there to hinder their advance in an attempt to cause a disruption in the natural flow of

history and ease current-day turmoil in the Middle East.

            Can they delay the decree from King Cyrus, release the Israeli captives, and achieve the

ultimate goal of changing history as we know it?

            It’s up to James Ferguson to determine how and when this will happen. Join him as he

conducts a reconnaissance mission that includes one unexpected—and beautiful—

roadblock: Debra, daughter to General Cellus, commander of the southern army.

About the Author

William Chevalier resides in Colorado Springs, where he lives with his wife, Ann, of

fifty-two years.

            He is a retired custom home builder, now spending his days hunting, fishing, bowling,

and reading.

(2022, Paperback, 398 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review