Debbie Eats Seamen - eBook

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Debbie Eats Seamen

By: The Brothers Graham


About the Book

In Debbie Eats Seamen, Debbie travels the seas searching for unsuspecting water goers in order to rid the sea of those she feels are not part of the waterways. That is what The Brothers Graham has attempted to bring with Debbie Eats Seamen.


About the Author

The Brothers Graham is a duo of authors who are lifelong residents of Maryland. A recent retiree, one of the duo spent forty-two years in public service to the people of Maryland in public safety. Still active in his community, he serves on the board of a financial institution in western Maryland.

An avid outdoorsman, he also loves the tranquility of hunting in the fall and winter. Having a strong sense of family, he enjoys spending as much time as possible with his three grown children and young grandchildren.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review