Dearest Delilah: And the Riding Lesson - eBook

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Dearest Delilah: And the Riding Lesson

By: Laura Hill


About the Book

Dearest, sweet Delilah has an extremely important job. As a trained therapy horse, she is one of the best. Come along with her and Caroline on a very special ride!

Written to educate children of all ages on the uniqueness of special needs individuals, Dearest Delilah celebrates the relationship between horses and riders while teaching the most valuable lesson: that patience and kindness can have a truly profound impact on the lives of those around us; and so we should always be patient and kind…like Delilah!

About the Author

Laura Hill worked in the educational field for her entire career. Following retirement, she began volunteering at an equine therapy facility, where she met Delilah-the inspiration for this story.

Hill has a husband and two grown sons. She currently lives in Wimberley, Texas, on a small ranch with horses, dogs, cats, and ducks, who all bring her great joy.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review