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Dear Black People

By: Bernadette Fox


About the Book


Dear Black People continues the story of Bernadette Fox’s first book, Colored Cold, connecting the dots of her family and those problems she believes are most significantly affecting Black people today, from corruption in the church to police brutality, and the devastating effects of Black boys shooting each other in the back.

In her sophomore novel, Fox explores the rise and fall of her successful cake career, the demise of which left her destitute and all alone, thrusting her into homelessness and a 7-year journey of falling down and getting back up, then going back to where she never thought she’d return…Home.


About the Author

Bernadette Fox was born in Marianna, Arkansas. She is the proud mother of three sons. Fox is a two-time Culinary Arts Gold medal winner and female entrepreneur. Her desserts have been featured in national publications such as Modern Bride and she was recognized for eight consecutive years as being Best of the Best bakeries in Tulsa by Oklahoma Magazine. After leaving the cake business, Fox now works as a “make-up artist for the dead” at a funeral home.

(2022, hardback, 328 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review