Day Teachers, Night Pleasers - eBook

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Day Teachers, Night Pleasers

By: Katelyn Shantail


About the Book

Two rural, small county high school teachers discover a newfound love for each other that they never experienced before. They also found a new love of their own learning of the other person for self-gratification needs. As the story proceeds, it is enhanced through each piece of bondage jewelry. Domination and submission is all about trust that can't be broken. Hang on for the rollercoaster of feelings as you ride along with this couple!

About the Author

Katelyn Shantail teaches special education at a rural high school. She participates in several community activities. Her hobbies include doing logic puzzles, nonograms, writing, and playing farming games on the computer. Her family is her top priority; she has one son who her schedule revolves around.

(2023, ebook, 196 pages)



(No reviews yet) Write a Review