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Dauntless ‘till the Dawn

By: Richard Asner

About the Book

It wasn’t long ago that ex-CIA field agent Roman Hawk rode off into the sunset with the love of his life, Rina, after thwarting an attempt by Hamid Abdallah and other Islamic terrorists as they attempted to set off a massive IED on American soil. Hamid escaped custody before it was all over, but Roman knew he’d get another chance to bring the fanatic to justice – and that chance is about to present itself.

                When the CIA learns that Iran’s planned satellite launch is much more than it appears and the repercussions could lead to all-out war between the United States and Iran, neither Roman nor Rina is surprised to learn that their old adversary, Hamid, is involved.

                Can Roman and Rina infiltrate Iran, thwart yet another terrorist plot, finally bring their nemesis to justice, and save thousands – perhaps millions – of lives before it’s too late?



About the Author

Richard Asner describes himself as having led a very fruitful life – and it would be impossible to argue with him. A veteran of the U.S. Marines, which he joined at 17, he went on to graduate from the Naval Academy and then spent eight years as a Naval aviator. Part of that time was spent teaching senior midshipmen at Northwestern University. After that, Asner retired from active duty and moved his focus to Abbott Laboratories, spending the next 27 years as an engineer and manager. During this time, he earned ten patents.

                Asner is also the author of Sixty Seconds to Armageddon and The Death Code


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review