Darwin Chambers and the Children of Gaia

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Darwin Chambers and the Children of Gaia

By: Tracy Kiger


About the Book

Imagine if all the myths, legends and fairy tales were all based on real individuals. These people have a fantastic connection to our world and possess great powers based on science, not magic. They can live for hundreds of years and currently have their own culture hidden from our own. This fascinating story explores new worlds full of secrets, power, and lust.


About the Author


Tracy Kiger was born in Klamath Falls, Oregon. He currently resides in Vancouver, Washington. Family has always been very important to him; his family includes both the family that he was raised with and the family that he has raised. Tracy has always been interested in history and how it shaped the world that we live in today.


(2022, paperback, 318 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review