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by Jonathan A. Moncoeur

Kyle Westbrook, at just eighteen years old, is already well on his way to becoming one of America’s worst mass murderers. Under the nose of a massive police presence, Westbrook frees another killer, Maria Fernandez, and begins a killing spree that stuns the nation and mocks the police who are so desperately trying to stop him.

At the same time, a bond begins to develop between a young man void of emotions and a woman deeply damaged from a horrific past. While Maria struggles to escape her feelings, Kyle continues to search for his.

Damaged explores the human mind and the seemingly unlikely possibility that good and evil can exist in one entity. Can these killers move beyond cruelty to experience compassion, kindness, love? Or are they destined to revisit the demons that first compelled them to commit the darkest of all human acts?

About the Author:

Jonathan A. Moncoeur, born and raised in Miami, Florida, has a passion for writing. Damaged is his first novel, written during his junior and senior years of high school.

He is currently in his second year of college at Florida International University, where he continues to pursue his passion for writing.

(2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review