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Coyote Gold

By: John R. Thomas

About the Book

Luis and Sergio met while working at Flores Cantina, waiting tables, washing dishes, and running errands for tips. They grew up understanding the financial failures of their city. Jobs were few and the pay was low.

When the Mexican Cartel offered them a job as Coyotes, they were ready for adventure and willing to do whatever was necessary to fill their pockets with money, or so they thought.

Quickly becoming the best Coyotes in the Mexican cartel, they are the first choice of Arturo, head of the cartel in Reynosa, to take tourists, as he calls them and illegal drugs through the desert, across the Rio Grande, and into America.

When they find themselves staring into the cold, unforgiving pistol of the bloodiest cartel enforcer in Mexico, who thinks they are stealing from Arturo, they know they will need a miracle to survive. But do miracles really happen? What they discover in the desert will change their lives forever.


About the Author

John R. Thomas is known throughout his community as a unique and exciting storyteller. The characters of Coyote Gold have developed from the life experiences of his many diverse and interesting friendships spanning his lifetime.

John resides in Mississippi with his wife of thirty-five years, Jeanette. He is a retired skilled craftsman, former Boy Scouts of America, Scoutmaster of thirty years, avid reader, hunter and bowyer. He has skillfully crafted and given to the youth of family and friends countless numbers of bows, quivers and arrows to promote archery throughout Mississippi. Besides crafting walking canes for the elderly, John is active in his local church as Sunday School Superintendent. John’s greatest blessing he says is his children.


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review