Complexities of Human Emotions: Touched

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Complexities of Human Emotions: Touched

By: emily nicole


About the Book

Touched is the tale of a young woman living in the present but struggling with a secret from her past.

Tiana Reed has a perfect life-doting husband, inquisitive daughter, and the career of her dreams...but when an estranged relative unexpectedly appears, Tiana’s life and sanity are sent into a whirlwind.

In the first installment of the Complexities of Human Emotions series, Tiana will have to decide whether to try and cope as her world falls apart, or face her fears head on.


About the Author

emily nicole majored in premed and psychology with a minor in music, then later on journalism. Her special interests are animals, art, writing, music, and anything creative.


(2020, Paperback, 182 Pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review